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Sugar Audio Oscarizor V2

Sugar Audio Oscarizor V2

Tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Sugar Audio
  • Model: Oscarizor V2
  • Category: Tuner
  • Entry created on: 05/03/2016
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Full featured parametric oscilloscope & spectrum analyzer

Welcome to the world of Oscarizor. Parallel waveform and spectrum comparison using side-chaining and 16 send/receive channels (up to 10 channels parallel) is the power of Oscarizor Pro. Use DAW host synchronization to exacly compare waveforms. Nearly an unlimited count of instances inside your DAW projects is allowed. Waveforms and spectrums are displayed with filled/lined graphics using blending, blending types, smoothing and antialiasing. Choose from common colors to optimze your dB or amplitude scaled view. Read about the features of Oscarizor.


  • Full featured parametric oscilloscope & spectrum analyzer.
  • Parallel waveform & spectrum comparison using side-chaining and send/receive channels.
  • DAW host synchronization, initial autosync to receives & resync to receives button.
  • Automatic instrument tuner.
  • Multi channel correlation meter.
  • FFT size, window (7 functions) & average controls.
  • Spectrum tilt/slope knob.
  • Nearly unlimited instances in your DAW projects.
  • 16 channels to send/receive waveforms and spectrums to/from other instances.
  • 10 channels simultaneous view.
  • Channel naming.
  • Parallel and overlay view modes.
  • Stereo, mixed mono & M/S (mid/side) view.
  • Filled/lined waveforms using blending, blending types, smoothing and antialiasing.
  • Custom waveform coloration.
  • DB and amplitude view.
  • Absolute view for better analyzation.
  • Beat and measure display adjustment.
  • Reset / Bypass / Freeze / Freeze all (global freeze) buttons.
  • Signal modifying Gain, phase switch and mono controls.
  • Sine test tone generator.
  • Exact mouse wheel zoom in/out.
  • Free positioning, scaling & dragging.
  • Multipanel UI control.
  • Resizeable GUI from very small to enormously large.
  • No dongle required (except AAX), zero latency and low CPU usage.

Application areas:

  • Detailed spectrum analyzation in mixing and mastering.
  • Averaged spectrum comparison with received channels (e.g. reference tracks).
  • Spectrum interference visualization (lightens parts with most activity).
  • Compression tunings.
  • Limiting fine-adjustments.
  • Envelope shaping analyzations.
  • Transient control.
  • Ducking.
  • Leveling / metering.

Price: Free / €24.95. The free version is limited (e.g. no sync, no multi-channel support, fewer controls, no instrument tuner, no FFT customization).


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Other names: oscarizorv2, oscarizor v 2, oscarizorv20, oscarizor v 2 0