Hello there!

I just got me a new R-09 HR and, except it is tiny plastic toy, it does something that is really anoying...

Right when I put my earphones (or loudspeakers) in, i hear distant hum, but when I press rec standby button or when I start recording, this hum is present all the time - and it ain't sound of "silence" nor the space around me... I've tried all kind of "deff room" variations... It still hums... Like it is current hum or something like that... It is present on recording as well... It is my first sound recorder, but since I've been told that R-09 is quite a beast, I was expecting no noise ---- it all sounds like mikes aren't isolated good or something to do with this "to much plastic" body!

I'd love to here if anyone has faced simmilar problems ,or is my gadget the one that has to go back where it came from!