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User Review

telelh01's review - Edirol R-44


I would buy a portable recorder. I have seen many but am relatively tent by the R-44.
I have some compar the Edirol R-44 with among others the Fostex FR2-LE and the Tascam HD-P2. The advantage is that the Edirol possde as prcdemment said among 4 XLR / JACK compared or 2 others who have only two and apparently (see pictures) ergonomics enough convenient for field work.
In my case, I want to have a versatile recorder is - say a recorder that allows me to do both made sounds of birds (for example) a catch of live sounds ... In other words, to record As low volume levels that more levs sound levels. And that's what the level that I have a small apprhension regarding the Edirol. Is what will make pramplis their job properly in cases expliqus prcdemment while having a sound quality worthy of the name. I ask myself this question after having compar R-44 to R-4, which has apparently not good pramplis. Are the pramplis they are better than the R-4 (and compar than the Fostex FR2-LE and Tascam HD-P2)?

Thank you for your answers