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User Review


I use it for a dozen years on assignment on every imaginable terrain, and the most extreme weather conditions.
Before use, it was the Nagra tape analaogiques (E, IV, IV S ...)
What I like the most, as noted by my title, it is the Swiss Army knife of the reporter. Recorder, basic editing functions but how practical when you bump in speed, built-in (64K, so a B channel) ISDN codec, which allows for direct (on-line or ISDN fixed mainly on suitcase satellite or M4 Bgan so anywhere).
Equipped with lithium batteries, long battery life.
What I like least is the owner Nagra file format on this model, which requires having a dedicated app to import files from the recording medium (Flash card) to a PC.
Having traveled a number of countries, with this material for stories, I have never had a problem with reliability, although failures can still happen (with any device for that matter). For this usage reporting, then, and all the major radio stations still use it elsewhere, it is surely a sign of a safe bet ...