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User Review

Redhat 6's review - Nagra ARES C

Personally I find that completely missed Nagra its entry into the digital age:
The preamps have nothing to do with the quality of a preamp E or IV-S, it is well dessous.Le file format specific to Nagra is not even a format recognized by Windows Linux or FAT type, so that the USB is almost unusable.
I've never seen a tool as badly managed digital transmission: can not record sound in mpeg and send it via ISDN, the ARES C does not know in real time to convert G722 audio = When you want send a digitally on a G722 codec should save it in phone G722 and G711!
It's really anything.
In short, unreliable, not functional, as I like to Nagra's analog product, as I flee what they do in digital.