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User Review

You Can Overdub the LR Channel on a Zoom H6 - Reviews Zoom H6

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I'm adding this review here as a previous review mentioned that this excellent product has a significant shortcoming, you can't lay down two stereo tracks using the LR Channel, the one with the Zoom mic capsule.

This was definitely true when that review was written and it's true in theory still but there is a workaround which is quite easy since the firmware was updated. I'm using version 2.30. The instructions below assume you have learned to operate the H6 and understand the file structure, which is explained in the manual.

1. Record the first track in the LR Stereo channel as normal. That's Project A created (probably called ZOOM0001 if you are using a clean SD card)
2. Record a short empty track in the 1/2 stereo channel (you don't need a mic) - just set tracks 1 and 2 to stereo, select them and press record for a few seconds. That's the Overdub project created (Might be called ZOOM0002).
3. Insert the SD Card in a computer and open the file browser.
4. Copy the LR WAV file from Project A to the Overdub project. Change its name to the same as the empty 1/2 WAV file already there so your original recording is now located in stereo channel 1/2 of the Overdub project.
5. Put it back in the H6, go to Menu>Project Menu>Rebuild. Select rebuild and agree to its demands. Rebuild recreates the project file based on the new file you have placed there. That's the new feature that makes this process possible.
6. You are set to go, follow the Overdub instructions in the manual to add another track using the LR channel.

You can use a similar process to import a new WAV file into the H6 from another recording source.