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User reviews on Pop Filter products

The very best in anti-pop (Stedman - Proscreen 100)

By rroland, 01/09/2014
The filter that returns all other shelved. It is made of metal, with an orientation which "chase" air downwardly. it's simple, but he had to think. Unlike antipop fabric that mitigate somewhat the upper spectrum (sometimes it's also a benefit for a singer that accentuates sibilance), Stedman is absolutely transparent sonically.


I have several anti-pop, but it's my favorite. It is becoming very strong and last a long time. Models fabric indulge sooner or later, the metal does not move. Recommended!

does its job (Samson Technologies - PS01)

By Jérémy Pougnet, 21/11/2012
Classic pop filter, a membrane.


Did what we buy the
hardware looks solid
nothing wrong.
I would do this choice if necessary.

glad i have it (Stedman - Proscreen 100)

By stompboxjon, 21/05/2012
The Stedman ProScreen 100 provides the quality you need to get those crisp clear vocals without any pops or hisses. Most people overlook the importance of a pop filter and they think they can just purchase any pop filter from any music store because they are all the same. That is not the case, it’s the same way with anything you buy, you get what you pay for. Sure this pop filter may cost a little more than your ordinary off brand basic ones that you can get anywhere. But you will pay the extra bucks for a reason and once you have it you will know just what I mean.


A good thing about this pop filter is you can actually wash it. That is very important to me because with all of the vocals getting recorded from all types of different people pop filters can get pretty nasty. Some artist record with it really close to their mouth to the point where its touching, which is pretty gross especially when the person before them was just using it and naturally when we say certain words we spit. We cant help it its just the way it is. So with so many people using it you want to be able to wash it from time to time. A lot of other pop filters you cant just wash because it will tear or puncture them.

Wire mesh pop filters are better than regular ones and the Stedman Pro Screen 100 is wire mesh and ready to go. Like I said it may cost a little more than the cheap ones but its worth I big time and it will last you a long time and you wont have to worry about it getting tore ripped or tarnished. You can keep it for years and years and it will serve its purpose.

News Pop Filter

Introducing the PopperBlocker

Published on 11/08/11
PopperBlocker have developed a new, eponymous product, which does for hand held stage microphones what a clamp-on type pop filter does for condenser mics in the studio: It eliminates popped “P’s” and…

JZ Microphones JZ|PF Pop Filter

Published on 10/14/10