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Introducing the PopperBlocker

PopperBlocker have developed a new, eponymous product, which does for hand held stage microphones what a clamp-on type pop filter does for condenser mics in the studio: It eliminates popped “P’s” and breath noise.

Unlike a foam muff the PopperBlocker does not affect the sound.  It doesn’t muffle the high end, the company says.


It is designed to fit inside ball style, stage microphone, and wireless mics,


According to the company, vocalists and speakers can now work the mic closer and take advantage of the increased low end from the proximity effect.  They can be more expressive without having to worry about popping “P’s”, breathing too close to the mic, or sibilance.


PopperBlocker is made from a carbon fiber type material designed to block wind but let full frequency sound pass through.


Visit for more information.