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User Review

Amazing and enchanting ! - Reviews Blackstar Amplification Fly 3

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I bought this small amp alone as it was enough for me, since I wanted a small nomad amp (it can also be associated to an additional speaker to get a small stereo system). I wanting something versatile, light and good-sounding.
The animal seems sturdy in spite of its small size, the 3" speaker is protected behind a metal grid, knob-wise there's 1 Gain, 1 Volume, 1 EQ, 1 Delay, 1 mini-knob for delay mix, 1 OD switch, 1 on/off switch, 1 mp3/line in, 1 headphone/speaker out. It works with 6 AA batteries or an (non-included) external power supply (CAUTION, IT WORKS WITH A 6.5V EXTERNAL SUPPLY). It provides 3W of output power.

I plug a Godin Session or Ibanez Artcore and a well-equipped pedalboard on it. AND THEN! I'm completely amazed, it sounds great in both clean and crunch!

So, I get:
- For crunch sounds, the guitar plugged straight in it, a little included delay... Wow, really punchy!
- In clean sound with the pedalboard, all playing nuances are clearly heard.
Granted, I wouldn't go as far as to perform live with it (even if well mic'ed into a good PA it could work), but for having fun at home, going on holidays or jamming with friends without having to take a large combo with you, it's perfect.

Also, regarding the EQ, I thought I'd get a classic tone... Well, not at all, it allows to get from a UK sound to a US-type sound with the twist of a knob and with all possible nuances in-between (they call it the ISF system, and even if it can't be disconnected it really works wonder!).

It's light (approximately 2 lbs), controls are efficient, sounds are convincing (that is if you don't push the gain and volume too high!), power is limited but credible, one can easily forget this is only a sugarbox-sized sound box. I have tried many other mini-amps, but this one is AWESOME!

And now here we are, I couldn't resist, it won't be alone anymore! I bought the additional speaker. OK, you can't really call it "stereo" and that's not what it's here for anyway, but you're getting a way better sound ambiance and it sounds bigger, clean sounds are more airy and the crunch fill the room better. It's not meant to be used as a sound system for a venue of any size, but to try being smart with friends or familyit's great and the additional expansion you (not necessarily your audience)'ll get twice the enjoyment!