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User Review

Old model still good but struggling - Reviews Apple iPod Classic 160 Go

The original iPod took the world by storm and helped push the MP3 distribution into an unstoppable monster. The device that helped start it all was the iPod, now renamed the iPod Classic. It has gone through tons of different reiterations, and this is probably the last one.

Ever since the third or fourth generation iPod, there has been the special scroll wheel. It feells great and responds nicely, but there has been some issues with it sometimes failing due to dirt getting inside of it after years and years of hard usage. The iPod Classic is known to be storage monster, and this is no exception. The 160 GB can hold more music than most people have. However, you have the issue of the hard drive failing since it’s still a standard disk hard drive. The newer devices on the market are faster and more shock/drop reliable since they’re all flash based.

You always have two camps -- you have the one that must have their entire storage synced, so they get a device like this. The others are smart enough to realize they don’t have to sync their entire library to their iPod every single time, so they get away with special playlists and selectivity when it comes to putting music on their device. In case you couldn’t tell by the way this was worded, I’m in the latter group. I have well over 200 GB of music, and if I were to sync the entire library, not only would it take forever over the USB 2.0 connection, but I’d also have to deal with scrolling through all of that every time I want to listen to music. It’s just not really practical.

If you’re looking for a new iPod, I recommend trying to get the iPod Touch or the iPhone if you need a phone as well. If you need the extra storage space, I recommend you just rethink the way you sync.