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User reviews on Portable PA Speaker Cabinet products

Bcp of affordable quality (Yamaha - Stagepas 300)

By BodyPercu, 04/12/2014
Everything has been said or near this small sound that my taste does a very good taf and especially at the level of sound quality.
I would still react to comment from the guy who left a star and a half because in the lighting, there has a little unpleasant noise ventillo.
Indeed, it's a bit boring, but still it's not rocket science: it has only the right to turn down the knob for the overall grand max 2 min (s time to grant), and then then it's good, you have a clear sound until the end of the night.
In fact, I 'use it now for 2 years for small benefits. It is nickel.

useful as a floor monitor (Yamaha - Stagepas 300)

By asmileofachild, 03/12/2014
I use them for 6 years, they are very well as background music for a couple singer / guitar with very small gauge, in rehearsal, but I mostly use them onstage.

They are compact and fairly lightweight, perfect complement stage monitors.

After all these years of sometimes heavy use, they still sound good!

careful though not to push too hard for too long because they do not support it (sound distortion or stop). Another problem used outdoors returns, laid on the lawn, they quickly dropped due to moisture (now I isolated from the soil .. :) ).
Brief solid, I advise them, including small scenes sound, they troubleshoot well for a small price.

Versatile! (Yamaha - Stagepas 400i)

By coolpix, 21/09/2014
I bought it last year and use it for small events.

Its main strength is, without a doubt, its ease of use, its almost plug'n'play!
It has two XLR inputs, two 1/4" jack/XLR inputs (including one with a Hi-Z button) and two Line Inputs, one on RCA and the other one on minijack. You could connect a whole band, except for the drummer. Apart from that, it has yet another (stereo) monitoring output and inputs for the footswitches (not included) and a digital reverb

The sound, be it a low or high volumes, is very good and precise. The EQ is very "extreme," you need to be subtle, like with the reverb (it's easy to get carried away). I like the EQ Master a lot, which allows you to either boost the low end to listen to music or reduce it to hear better the vocals.

I haven't found any negative aspects right now. You certainly shouldn't expect to be able to do large concert halls, but it is more than enough for a bar or a small stage.

When you get a Yamaha you know you're getting good quality. Be it for speech or for a music group, I think it's a great value for money. It remains to be seen how long the mixer will last.

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Published on 04/06/16
Korg presents the Stageman 80, a sort of mix between a guitar amp, a portable PA system and a groovebox.

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