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Mixer but no mic - Reviews Samson Technologies XP308i

The Expedition XP3098i is a portable PA system that comes with 2 150 watt speakers. It does not come with a microphone but it does have an 8 channel mixer that it comes with. Also it has the iPod socket and a simple reverb effect that really does not do anything for me. The reason that I loved this unit is because for this price you are getting not one, but two speakers that are 150 watts and an 8 channel powered mixer for a great price. I currently use this system at outdoor events because I like not having to take all of my set up to some outdoor venues.
The built in reverb will add a little color to your vocals or speech, usually when you are using a PA system your vocals will sound clean but really dry. Since this mixer has a built in reverb you can add a little color and depth to your voice.
The sound of the speakers is solid, not the best but it will work if you have to make do with it. It you keep this in a smaller venue and the focus of using it is not for playing music then it will work great. If you are purchasing this to DJ with or play music with then make sure the place you are going to be in is not too big or your sound will suffer. The speakers do put out a clean sound, the highs are clean and the mids are good. The low end is not has deep as I would like it to be which is where it suffers at.
My favorite part about this system is that it is very portable and user friendly. It comes with a mixer and 2 speakers. It is simple to pack up and unpack, though I do wish that I came with a microphone for this price.