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User reviews on Power Amplifier products

Best (bass) amp for the price (JB Systems - C2 800)

By Klaus Jürgens, 03/07/2017
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I use this amp in a bi amp environment as bass amp 2x800/4Ohm. For upper mid/hi i use a lightweight switching power QSC PLX 1104 with 2x 550/4Ohm. X-Over is 2-way original from JB...
I most cases i have to take the bass amp volume back some 3-4 steps, so that the overall sound is clear and rich without needing a graphic equalizer in free space.
I do recording studio and PA since the 1980s and worked with nearly every amp on the market. I must admit that i did not know JB Systems before but i am totally satisfied many times in a year when i provide my own band, and Rock Bands around the Costa Blanca with good sound. I also have other lightweight amps like Carver, but for my feeling nothing affordable compares to a heavy Transformer conventional bass amp. So thats the price... you normally need a helping hand to move a biamp rack into the van if you dont wanna break your elderly back ;-) Klaus

Strong and good (Sertec - S500)

By Lunk78, 16/08/2017
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This product French handmade is very good, the sound is realy powerfull inestimate it at 250w per channel for 8 ohms and 350w for 4 ohms, because he got a 560VA toroidal transformer. His conception is very strong and he is very heavy, because is made for professionnal application. The sound is smooth and realy good. Bridgable at mono for 500W for 8 ohms.

Posetively surprised by "peanut money" Ibiza AMP300 (professional power amplifier)! (Ibiza Sound - Amp 300)

By ADHD, 09/02/2019
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Hi! I am a music listener, and HiFi is my favourite hobby.
Needed a second amp/poweramp(for my bedroom?!). Looking at pro gear for some time, i'm a tradidtional HiFi guy - on some forums (Audiophile-forums), pro audio gear are a bit like "swearing in a church..."

Thought i try something realy cheap = surviveble loss(If the item sucks).

I bought it on a web shop in Sweden "" for the price of 840 SEK(approx. $75 US). I was concidering "Emotiva BasX 150", but didn't have the budget.

We all know about the "inflation" in power specs - so the info, that it would put out 2 x 160W @ 8 ohm, 0.5 THD. Well i was skeptic.

Used my very old pre amp "Adcom GFP-555", connected it with 4 meters of TaraLabs 500i to the AMP300, and with 2 meters of SupraPly 3.4 sp.wire to my JBL Arena 180. And switched the power on - played 2'nd track of "Godsmack" new CD on my Rotel RCD-971...

Wow - not "HiFi-nirvana", but "R'n'R" in your face - hard hitting bass, detailed, but not harsh treble, midrange (vocals) = not so god. I listened for days, liked what i heard. Plenty of power, i say 2 x 100 honest Watts, clean, no dist! The ever "roaring" cooling fan is driving me mad though.

Summation: for the money = outstanding! Will i buy more Pro amps? Yes - planning to buy Ibiza AMP600(or 800?) in March. To power my front speakers in my A/V system! (I got to do something about that blxxxdy fan! Thermostat switch thing? - not afraid to void the warranty, so if any of you guys have a tip for me, i'm all ears). Also - Build Q = Not the best, don't expect it to have a "long and healthy life...".

Cheers/T. :bravo:

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