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Omnitronic P 3500 P 2000 P1500 power amps - forum Power Amplifier

Can you help me please

im finding hard to find reviews on this products Omnitronic P 3500 P 2000 P1500

can someone report back if anyone have yous, use them amps and is it recommanded that they good and whats the bad experience thay had with them my

email or on this forum thankyou
If you can understand french (which isn't so different than english when written) you should go here:

you'll find user reviews on some of the products you're looking for.

and if you don't have too many translation questions, i can answer a few :clin:
You can see a (google) translation of the
user review of the Omnitronic P-1500
I looked but not sure if they had any bad experince about them are solid amps or not review dont tell me much
He says he uses it every weekend and pushes it to the limit of its volume but hasn't had a problem with it, and he doesn't regret buying it. he also says that he recommends it to anyone.
I found out by few ppl in this forum say tht have few problems with them
What kind of problems?
Have look on the web link, they said they tryed useing them http://www.speakerpl…sts.asp?TID=15645