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User Review

Bass response is great - Reviews Behringer Eurolive B815NEO

The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a 1200 watt PA or Loud speaker that is a 15 inch low end driver. The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a remarkable bass response; even the natural tone of the bass is worth more than the whole Behringer EuroLive B815NEO cost. I have used several Behringer PA systems and Loud Speakers but none of them have had a bass response like the Behringer EuroLive B815NEO has. You can use the Behringer EuroLive B815NEO upright as is, or turn it on its’ side as a stage monitor. No matter what your situation is the Behringer EuroLive B815NEO will be able to fit your needs quickly and easily. I actually think that it is a great multiple purpose PA. It can be used for live performances, or any type of event that needs to have the sound projected to everyone that is there. The sound that comes out of the Behringer EuroLive B815NEO travels very far, I do think it sounds better indoors over outdoors because outdoors I like to have more low end because there are no walls to contain your sound and it travels for ever so you need to have more low end power for outdoor events. That is just a personal preference though.
I think the Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a great value for the price. You are getting a PA speaker that can be used for all of your live needs indoor or outdoor. It is built to last you a long time and it could be the first and last PA speaker that you will ever need to purchase. I would make this choice again if anything ever happened to our Behringer EuroLive B815NEO. I have tried many other Behringer PA systems and t his one has the best bass response out of Behringer EuroLive PA’s.