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User Review

Not a huge fan of the bass but everything else was good. - Reviews JBL EON 305

The JBL EON305 is a 2 way passive speaker that is very portable. The price is ok, but maybe it is just a little overpriced compared to some of the other JBL speakers that have come out around the same time this one did. This speaker will give you a peak performance at 1000 watts and continuously at 250 watts.
On the back there are ¼ input connectors and a “loop thru” system for easy connection with more speakers. The frequency range is 38 Hz to 20 Khz and I feel like it handles mid range and high frequencies very good. I am not completely sold on the low end frequencies though because some music sounds better than others with these speakers. It will all come down to how you like your bass to sound; we had these for a show with an electronic live band that had a lot of pulsating and wobbling bass lines. Though the music was slow, the bass was still pretty thick and needed to pump out heavy so the crowd could feel it When we rehearsed with these speakers in a smaller room they sounded amazing. Then come club time I just don’t feel like they performed the way that they should have for the price that they cost. This speaker came out years ago; we just purchased it about 10 months ago after trading in some other gear. One great thing about this speaker is loading and unloading it. It is very light and easy to maneuver with. The sound is very clear though and that is always a plus. We will not be using these as our main speakers though just because of the inconsistency bass problems we are experiencing. The EON 1500’s are very good too, they are actually a lot better than these 305’s. They cost more but they are well worth it!