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User Review

very light speakers/ portable - Reviews JBL EON 315

After a year of comparing dozens of PA speakers, both active and passive, it came down to the JBL EON 315s for me. The Mackie SRM450v2 was a close competitor but, given the EONs better price, better low end response, lighter weight, and better brand support - I went with the EONs. The SRM450s have known overheating problems and I wasn’t about to deal with that. Also, given the 15" woofer of the EON compared to the 12" of the Mackie I got better low end response. For the time I have owned them I have used them heavily and they haven’t slipped up one bit. The craftsmanship of these is really impressive when you start to look at the details. Its no surprise that JBL invented the Active speaker and the 3rd generation EON is no disappointment. It is the industry standard at this price point for a reason. Sure you can get better but not for a few hundred more.

On the negative side, they are a bit harsh sounding at higher SPLs, limits pretty easily when in boost mode, Also for me the design, a lot of people might like the futuristic design of the JBL EON 315’s but I really don’t, I am more old school and prefer the basic speaker or monitor look. But I guess its not too bad once you realize how light it is. That’s the plus of the design, you can pick this thing up with out a worry. Really light weight and portable to take to any event or any where you need to be for that time.

Overall, it’s a good buy in my opinion. It has a built in EQ selector and suspension mounts. You will get a great sound with this one way or another. Price is great too, most loudspeaker monitors are way over prices especially once you listen to them but this one is just right.
I suggest going down to your local start and checking these out in person because that’s the only way you will see how they look and sound.