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User Review

Big sound, Priced right - Reviews JBL PRX612M

The JBL PRX612M is a 1000 watt active speaker with a 12 inch speaker in it. It only weighs around 35 pounds and is made for the road. Out of all of the times that I have moved this speaker around so far, I have noticed that it doesn’t scratch easy and it is very easy to lift with the handles. It is only around 2 feet tall and can be mounted on a pole. If you want to use it as a floor monitor that can be done as well because it does not slide at all, on the bottom of it are rubber feet to keep it in place (unless it gets knocked forward or backward it will not move).
The compression driver in this speaker is 1.5” and it is very powerful. The sound that you will get with this speaker will handle all of your mid sized venues. There is also a input section on it with selectable EQ options.
The sound is very clean and big; it can handle all sorts of music as well as live bands, instruments and speeches. I have also used it with a few different amps but really didn’t notice much of a difference in sound/power while using them. Even with smaller and cheaper amps this speaker still sounded pretty good and powerful enough to work with the current set up that we had.
The frequency range is 50 Hz to 19.5 kHz, and by looking at the specs it will seem like it cannot handle a lot of the very low frequencies but it really can. I did notice that the low frequencies sounded better while the speaker was mounted on a pole (maybe because it was at ear level). This speaker is very affordable and with it being a JBL it is a must have!