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User Review

lightweight, dynamic, reliable! - Reviews RCF ART 710-A MK II

Value For Money : Excellent
Hello, after investing in a pair of JBL Eon 515 this summer, I had a small speaker 10 inches: light, reliable with a good sound to animate karaoke nights, private parties and restaurant as well as External events ( holidays) but only spoken (no evening dance).
I RCF Art 710 MKII for 15 days and this is the TOP!
JBL sound is more "hi-fi" sound RCF is typed NRJ style and it hits hard if this is fixed!
I like the "boost" function that allows you to put a "loudness" low volume by increasing the lower (around 100 Hz).
I do not like the lack of mini mixer behind the speaker as the JBL 515, it is very convenient!
Very good value for money ... a good place for RCF covers the top, just be careful with zippers ... go easy!
I hesitated with the JBL 510 (8 kg), end of life that I found room 360 € but 122 db spl and 280 w RMS, with the RCF 710 (14kg) for € 469 I 129 db in spl and 700 w RMS, investment is excellent!
If I Had to Do It All Over Again I repeat these speakers!
Coupled with a box style JBL eon 518 (500 W RMS) is the top!
1900 W RMS total and good definition!
I use these 2 FCR 710 with 2 JBL 515 in my park is 1400 + 2650 = 1250 W RMS W RMS, more than enough for 90% of my benefits up to 300 people in interior room.
They are equalisées by BSS FCS 966 and DBX 160 XS protected by ... a good compromise to have a consistent and clean sound!
Without advertising, I got my 2 FCR 710 MK II in Audiosolutions (84 Thor 2 hours of Aubenas), hospitality, service, price 5 Stars! to recommend! and 469 € piece beginning in October 2014 are the cheapest in FRANCE and d ... GERMANY!