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D210 sounds like the Behringer B210 but it cost more? - Reviews Samson Technologies Auro D210

The Samson Auro D210 is very similar to the Behringer EuroLive series of PA speakers. But it cost more, which is a big problem when purchasing this speaker. This cabinet is a 2 Way active speaker that is great with your live sound. It is a great speaker to have because it is lightweight and still gives you a wide range of audio at 200 watts of power. There is a 1 inch compression driver and a 10 inch low frequency driver that will give you more than enough power than you will need for smaller gigs.
Like the most cabinets of this size, it is made for a smaller venue or space. Using it in a bigger space will seriously affect the sound and the way your audience hears it. You will be very disappointed using this in a larger space because it will make your audio sound horrible. So for some people purchasing a smaller PA speaker like this is not the best option because maybe you will not need to use it a lot depending on where you are. Some people prefer to just get a larger PA speaker with more power and just keep it lower in smaller venues. But to me having a speaker like this handy at all times is never a bad thing. Though we do not use it much, it is always around just in case we get somewhere and want to change our speaker set up for the best optimal performance.
I have only used this cabinet 3 times since we purchased it not too long ago. I was only disappointed at the fact it cost more than the B210D from Behringer but gives a similar sound. Actually the B210D does not sound as bad as this does in a larger space. If you are in the market to get a smaller PA speaker, I would recommend getting the B210D over this D210 by Samson because the sound is very similar but you will save about 50 dollars going with the Behringer B210D.