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User Review

Decent sound for the price - Reviews Samson Technologies Live! 615

The Samson Technologies Live 615 are very underated, most people havent even heard of these or even know that they exist. I don't like the sound of traditional keyboard amps - most aren't bi-amped and for the most part, you gotta buy two to get stereo. I also prefer the sound of 15-inch cones on piano sounds, so that was a priority as well. After owning these for a year, I can say they were/are a great investment. The speakers sound good, I've never overloaded them, and I've used them in a large variety of settings:
1.) stereo onstage monitors for my 90's rock/alternative band - plenty of power here with 400 watts. I use them with Korg Triton/Hammond Xk3c/Alesis Micron.
2.) solo piano sound system at wedding ceremonies, even in large churches (sounds great with yamaha digital stage pianos). With speakers up on poles, sounds quite natural.
3.) I use as mains when accompanying several choirs, including a local jazz choir with about 25 singers. Again, it makes a light, simple, tasteful sounding solution and the price can't be beat.

Good sound quality at low levels, good bass but the output is not overwhelming. It's not hard to get the OL/clip light to flash constantly.
It feels like the built-in amplifier just don't have enough power...
But after some tweaking i found a good balance between my crossover and EQ.
I recommend them to anybody who wants a easy-carry good sounding cheap speaker.
Overall, Price worthy but doesn't get to loud good for anyone who wants a cheap and flexible speaker. I wouldn't use them standalone with more than 50people. With subs and no low-freq. running through TH-15A i would say these boys can handle up to 200 people depending on the room and so forth. In the end you get what you pay for.