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User reviews on QSC RMX products

tough as nails (QSC - RMX 2450)

By sw80, 16/11/2012
The RMX 2450 is in my opinion the best amp that QSC makes. It is also one of the higher priced models that they have. I remember using this amp back in 2007, we had a few of them for our group because we needed something to push power to our subs and speakers. The RMX 2450 worked great for us at the time. I loved the way it made our bass sound, it made it big and pushed it all the way across the club we were in.
This amp is a 2 channel amps with 2 XLR inputs and 2 outputs. It can be racked and will take up 2 rack spaces. This amp has a nice weight to it, it weighs about 50 pounds. It is made out of heavy material with metal casting. It will last you a long time, if we didn’t sell ours I am 100 percent sure that it would still be holding up and working to this day about 6 years later. This amp is a Class H amp with 2 750 watts at 4 ohms and 2 500 watts at 8 ohms. You will have all of the power you need to push your bass subs to the full potential and get your sound to stay crisp and clean. This amp is very quiet and does not generate any noise while using it but it does get kind of hot if you are using it for long periods of time. We have had ours on for over 10 hours and the top and bottom of this amp would be burning after we are done. But the unit never burnt out on us or anything so it never really cause any concerns. If you want an amp with power and will last you a long time than the RMX 2450 could be the best choice, even though it has been out for years it is still a great amp to have for your set up.

Big sound (QSC - RMX 4050HD)

By sw80, 16/11/2012
The RMX 4050 HD is a high powered amp with 4000 watts and filters on it. It comes with clip indicators and clip limiters giving you the most possible power that you could ask for. This is one of the most expensive amps that I have used from QSC costing over 1500 bucks. You can rack this unit and it will take up 3 rack spaces, it also weighs about 70 pounds which makes it a little more difficult to tote around with you over some of the lighter QSC models. But if you are looking for power this is it, it will provide more than enough power for your set up even if you are in a large space.
It also has a cooling system built into it because with this much power and using it for long periods of time it will get warm and even hot pretty quick. The cooling system is automatic and you don’t even have to worry about it, it will stay cool. This amp I also very quiet outside of hearing the fan kicking on, you will not hearing any humming or hissing coming from this amp.
On the RMX 4050 HD it gives you the options to select your low frequency filters, you can pick from 30 HZ or 50 HZ, and you can monitor your show or performance right on the front of the unit with the clip LED lights.
This unit has everything you need for your show, I recommend getting this if you have the 1500 dollars to spend on an amp. You will get your money worth with the first use once you hear how much power it will give you and how big your sound will be. I have used this amp many times for larger shows, and it is by far one of the best larger amps I have ever used.


By mrbrock1, 20/01/2013
Hello everybody, i am an electronic Technician so i would like to comment on QSC AMPLIFIER RMX series..i made some research on rmx series i even opened the rmx 5050 to watch the inside component the rmx series is not a solid amplifier like USA series..the component is too small as it is very fragile ,the rmx series does not have any relay it has only fuse protection.i have watched the schematic diagram and it has not a good protection .

DjK1's review (QSC - RMX 850)

By DjK1, 29/12/2002
Very good product