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User reviews on Rackmount bass preamp products

Aguilar DB659 (Aguilar - DB 659)

By MGR/fourstring, 25/08/2004
Paid $600 @ AppleRowMusic

TONE...TONE...TONE...OMG! This unit is the most natural, smoooth and buttery sounding preamp I've ever heard. Using this with a couple of Spector basses for recording in my own computer-based project studio, and it sounds simply incredible. I even have found that with superb natural sound that it offers that I can step down the level of compression/limiting that I use when I record. VERY quiet as well, a dream to record with

I know that this is a high-end piece of gear...but I would love to see a headphone jack on it...Can you imagine how good it would sound?

Aguilar's construction is unmatched in the quality of the materials that they use. It is also nice to have this in a single rack space unit.

I had originally planned on buying the Aguilar tube DI box (DB 900). Happened upon this by accident almost, was blown away by the price, thank god i bought it!

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Ampeg SVPCL (Ampeg - SVP-CL)

By MGR/Guiseppe, 14/08/2006
I've played for approximately 30 years, gigging for about 12 of those (including my current band). My roots are in blues rock, blues, and 70's fusion & R/B.

I got it from BAss Central, new. I got it for about $450, if I remember correctly.

Although I don't stray much from "my" tone, the flexibility to get just about any tone you'd want is there. Huge, full, tube tone, with the booty to back it up.

controls feel just a little light-weight. The markings on the "Ultra Low" control are marked a little askew. I've talked to several other SVPCL's that had the same thing on theirs.

Construction and quality are first-rate, I've gigged this thing hard for a year, with it hardly even sweating.

I truthfully don't know why I'd buy another amp. This is the solid rock tone genie in a bottle.

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EBS Classic Mediums (EBS - EBS-1 Classic)

By MGR/Billy, 28/11/2011
EBS has been making high quality bass gear out of Sweden. Most recently they came out with their own line of strings. I was lucky enough to get a set to try out.

I was able to get a set a few months back before they were available to the public as of August 2011 the EBS bass strings in Nickel and Stainless Steel are available in the US. I am not sure of the price but I am going to guess it translates to around $40. I installed them on my US Standard Fender Precision bass.

Great tone! I put these on and had plenty slack left even after using the string through bridge design that the newer Fender basses use. The tuning is excellent. Once I installed them I made sure to stretch them out and after that I had no major tuning issues. The sound is very fat and warm.

None that I can think of. The strings are made in China, which is sort of a bummer as I like to buy US made strings, but hey the strings sounded great.

The strings are made from EBS' own design of a Titanium Nickel mix. Ultimately I think the titanium helps the string life as I got twice the life out of these than most of the nickel strings I tried. The gauges are a 45 G string, a 65 D string, an 85 A string and a 105 for the low E string. I really like using a higher gauge E string such as a 105 or even a 110 as it evens out the tension across the neck and helps keep things clean if you need to drop down to D.

I went out on a whim to try something new and it was a great end result. Warm tone with a long lasting string life and great tuning stability.

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