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User Review

Cheap but not great! - Reviews Ibiza Sound GLOBAL-DJ

1) I use it for almost 3 years in professional use (self-employed).

2) No, I had not really tried other models. At the time I bought it, I was looking for a device that can read CDs and MP3s on USB and SD card media, and he was the only one in this price range!

3) What I like is its design, it is nice, it's pro for a person Lambda!

4) What I do not like:
Its unreliability on CD playback.
His unpredictable reactions.
Its poor quality of manufacture, on mine, I have a loose connection on one of the cables laison between the charger and the control console (false that the cables and plugs are really terrible!)
And especially ... Its limitation to 999 mp3 files for each media, which means there is no need to buy large media capacity, since you can not in any case exceed 999 files (of + this is nowhere mentioned ). Remember also the external hard disks, it is useless, especially if they are formatted in NTFS, because there it does not even recognize!
It is useless to try to get him to read anything other than mp3, it does not know anything else!
Finally, another default size ... If you add files to a support (USB or SD), the files will not be classified by the device in alphabetical order (as logic would dictate that it is) but writing order, so that your file will eventually list.
If you want to sort by alphabetical order, you will need to reformat the media, and rewrite it completely ... practice, right?
4) The quality / price is very very average. With the experience now, I'd add a hundred euros and get something more reliable.

In conclusion, if you are a party from time to time with friends, this unit provided that you agree not to be too demanding.
However, for pro use, go your way and prefer more brands. You will gain far, in fact I plan to sell mine very quickly ...