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User Review

prolapse's review - Numark CDN88


I like you apprci Services PA Sales until I had to call their customer service after delivery of a guitar that is sometimes broken. To facilitate delivery and avoid the calling card, I am delivering my orders or my company supports rception deliveries.

Once home, I dballe the package, dj a little surprised by the packaging that I think well enough silent and maperois the neck of the guitar is broken.

Aussitt call the customer service who tell me that I fawn all sign the delivery note and therefore I accept the instrument in the State. I would have had to ask the courier to wait there and I see with him that the delivery arrives in good condition. Working for an express transportation company, we know about this law but try to wait a courier on delivery. Good luck!

Indeed, a view LGAL they did everything the right to do so but I find it too easy, it's somehow accuse me of willfully dtrior my instrument.

I work as head of a service and we do not use this form of being protected our business because we all know that we can not ask a horse to vrifier prsence in all customer he must deliver the goods. Otherwise, most within 24 hours as we receive them but in a week or two.

I sent a rclamation with their service and since they have not even wanted our answer my mail or less tell me they have clearly rception.

As I said in my rclamation I could have used the 7 days of rtractations LGAL and return the goods and return the ball prcisant I have made in good condition driver who did not bother my package before Dover lexpdier. Personally it's against my principles and I am a customer honnte. However I want to possibly know people who order the wrong home exprience I've had. Jaures could also be seen by an expert who lemballage ntait not adquate for this type of merchandise. But for a purchase of 120 euros, which wants to bother? In short, I think he has great progress on the fawn to treat the customer in PA for sale.

To my surprise, when they call customer service they jai Mount prcis quil have much knowledge of the problem of evil packages related to their carrier, I call, Coliposte. Yet many cest PA Sales has the choice of carrier is not it?

This is my msaventure in esprant what more do rflchir dun.

Order number: Num. comm SW0709270117

STAGG/C546TCE ZSTAC546TCEN N-Electric Guitar Acou ... 1129129

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Net pay 129.00