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Radial Engineering
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Tonebone PZ-PRE: The Test

Tonebone PZ-PRE Acoustic Preamp When Radial engineering, who has a reputation for making quality gear, branches out into acoustic instrument pre-amps, the result is the Tonebone PZ PRE, a pedal with two high-impedance inputs, a boost and an EQ. Let's take a look... read more…

User reviews on Radial Engineering products

Great for condenser mics (Cherry Picker)

By mrjason, 06/03/2013
I just used the Radial Cherry Picker for the first time this week and I must say I am very impressed with the built in 48V phantom power and clean warm sound. This pre amp has a straight wire signal path that does not color your sound and is very clean. If you use this with condenser microphones you will hear how well the phantom power works and how quiet and clean it is. I have used two different microphones with it so far it the sound is amazing. I am surprised that this preamp does not cost more than it does.


I have used many preamps and most of them that sound as good as the Cherry Picker cost a lot more dollars so I was surprised with the quality of sound that it provided. The value for the price is amazing and I recommend any one to try it out. My favorite feature of working with it was you can change your microphones out on the fly when you select a preamp on the active channel, also the fact that this does not color the sound of the recording at all. This is the first preamp that I have used from Radial and I am very impressed. I look forward to using it more and more with a few different microphones to see how well it holds up. The design and build of it is very solid, I am not a big fan of the color but I do not mind it. There are LED displays on the front for the phantom power and mute functions plus indicators on each of the 4 channels. This preamp is also not very big and seems to be very portable. It basically weights nothing and from what I have heard it is very similar to the Gold Digger 4 channel unit from Radial which I have not used.

No studio should be without one (ProRMP)

By MountAnDewMe, 22/08/2013
The Radial Pro-RMP is designed to take a line level signal and transform the impedance to make it useable with an instrument amplifier. The purpose is to take some of the pressure out of the recording process. This way the artist can work on getting a good musical take recorded knowing that the finished sound can be created later on. The devise is basically a high quality transformer housed in a tough as nails metal enclosure. There is a XLR input where you would send the signal from your recording device and a quarter inch out put to route the signal to any amplifier of your choice. This is an analog device that is considered to be passive, meaning it requires no external power to operate. There are also two controls present, one to help set the output volume and a ground lift switch to eliminate any noise that may occur from a ground loop between devices. The box is about the same size as an average stomp box and built like a brick.


This is perhaps one of the easiest studio tools anyone can own. When recording the user must be sure to record a DI track with no effect whatsoever or your results will be flawed. Once you have the track you simply route the output to the RMP and into your amp. Play the track and start setting up your sound like you would if you were playing. When you are satisfied with the tone record it. The only two variables are if there if hum push the ground loop switch and if the input is too loud or soft to the amp adjust the output pot.


The best part of this device is that it will not color the signal at all. As long as you have a quality DI track recorded to work with this is one of the best devices a studio can have. Why worry about how your sound is going to be in the project until after you have a technically good take down. We all have had the nightmare of pulling off an awesome take to later realize the sound was bad and needed to be redone.


The unit operates with no issues. It just does its job seamlessly without issue. It truly is a worry free product that performs perfectly. The signal is exactly the same as if you had your instrument plugged in directly to the amp. There is no way to tell if a recorded piece was done live or reamped. It is truly an indispensable studio tool. For the price paid this is hands down some of the best money you can spend on your studio. Oddly there are not many other devices like this. There are active models available that can help boost the signal but I honestly can not see any reason that I would need to spend extra when the passive one works flawlessly for me. If someone were to steal it I would replace it and I never see something this tough breaking.

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Published on 04/07/16
Radial Engineering has announced the BT-Pro Bluetooth DI box is now shipping.

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