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Radial Engineering 500

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User reviews on Radial Engineering 500 products

U-FLYstudio's review (Radial Engineering - EXTC)

By U-FLYstudio, 28/01/2013
this machine format 500
therefore serves réamper, or use effects pedals via a console or from your DAW, or else you will be the DI


In config, for example, you have a DI guitar track on your protools, you exit the sound of your guitar via the A bus or insert to the EXTC, the EXTC you go to your favorite delay pedal and the signal delay in rerentre EXTC who returns to protools,
all perfectly désymetrisé and resymétrisé with the right adaptations impedance and a phase control.
More controls send and return level are offered
and a mix knob allows mixing of the dry sound to send his treatise return!


impeccable, this is serious,
we feel that it loses none of the original signal


short machine, thoughtful and unique
very very good idea of ​​radial, it had to be done

moosers's review (Radial Engineering - Komit)

By moosers, 19/05/2010
Radial Engineering's Komit is a new 500 series module compressor/limiter that is made up of analog components and will only fit in a 500 series rack. Radial is known for making DI's mostly, and I think that this is their first 500 series module, or at least it is the first that I've seen. It is also the only dynamic processor that I've seen that is made by Radial.


The configuration of the Radial Engineering Komit is easy to follow, especially if you're familiar with the make up of most compressors and/or limiters. The Komit consists of parameters for output, compression ratio, limiter (threshold), and a switch to choose between either a fast, medium, or slow to choose how quick the compression will hit it. It also has a dual VU that shows both gain reduction and output level.


The Radial Engineering Komit really has an overall awesome tone quality. I don't have too much experience with the Komit yet, but I have had the chance to use it a few times for tracking vocals. There is only one studio that I've ever worked out at that has had this, and it was quite recently added to the studio I believe. You can get some pretty different sounding compression and limiting sounds depending on how you set it, as the ratio setting makes a big difference from if it's on 1:1 or 10:1. It sounds great to hit something really hard with the Komit, but it's also good when it comes to being more subtle as well.


Being that the Radial Engineering Komit is a fairly new product, it's going to take some time for the word to spread about this nifty little compressor/limiter. While I wouldn't have expected Radial Engineering to come out with either a 500 series module or a compressor/limiter, so for me this product was definitely not something that I expected to see or use. The price is really reasonable as well, as you'll definitely save some money when compared to some of the more expensive 500 module compressors out there. All in all, the Komit is a very impressive piece of gear that I would imagine will only get more popular with time.

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Published on 02/06/13
Radial Engineering adds to its 500 Series catalog the PreMax preamp and equalizer and PreComp preamp and compressor.

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