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User reviews on Radial Engineering Bones products

Excellent overdrivre (Radial Engineering - Bones Texas Overdrive)

By Rocknweb, 18/11/2014
Radial Engineering specializes in DI boxes for the stage, completing its offering with products Tonebone type for simulation and guitar effects.
Texas is a classic overdrive but two channels, each channel has a Tone, volume and switch "bite" to 3 positions. Unfortunately a common drive to two channels.
No true-bypass but using a buffer of class A, no noise when switching through the EIS. Very robust and well finished, a little wider than a Boss pedal format such exclusive power sector Boss 9v. Of pro gear.


In the spirit of Radial, Texas Overdrive offers a typical use of scene, light bypass, rhythm channel 1 and channel 2 solo on this point it is more comprehensive than a banal TS9. In addition to the gain will clean boost to distortion very supported which is exciting at first, but yes here is a single gain knob for 2 channels. The tone is slightly different between the two channels and with the 3-position switch is changed from rendering Vintage TS9, Fulltone OCD at high gain. It's a bit confusing but it is quickly handling the knobs and in practice there is a way to find his rhythm and solo with the same gain more momentum increases the flight, more aggressive and is compensated with the tone.


Using my Custom Vibrolux 68 on a clear channel so with Tele, Strat, LP, Gretsch.
The dynamics are terrible and do not spoil the intrinsic qualities of the amp settings are progressive and effective, whether in clean boost, overdrive or distortion sound is great enough fat or through more modern switches does work both with double that simple, little or no wind so we know to be reasonable with the gain <3:00 but it is already a big distortion. Good response to guitar volume, with the best result obtained on the LP Tele but the gain can be quite insane while preserving the attack and bite. Brief all good.


Excellent pedal that goes from clean boost to outright distortion, complies with the sound of guitars and has a wide variety of tone with the settings, there is little to regret the absence of a second gain circuit, I tried models Hollywood very well also (I hesitated between) and London supposed to come out of his Marshall.

Power is nothing without Radial (Radial Engineering - Bones London)

By TAJ873, 28/08/2013
See further notice.


The configuration takes a little time to adjust but when the brand is fast enough is known.
I had the Plexi, his big sister with a lamp, but lack of space on my PB I went on this smaller size.
Like all books that remained in the box impossible to comment.
I had the Plexi, his big sister with a lamp, but lack of space on my PB I went to this format


I use this pedal with a redline Godin and amp FXamps Litle Clean, also note that I alliment this one 12v. Has 2 distortion pedal most of the time the sound one for the rhythm and sound for 2 solo (very handy with separate volumes) but I use it more like a pedal with two separate distortion even if the sound is very close .
With a view to adjusting the gain is 1/3.
The sound has more than one grain, it is perfect for punchy rhythmic contrast to the two that I use for more calmer rhythm.
For solos I couple with OD and then I have a huge gain that can make good solo that spot. Preferably hold me on his expense but two songs.


I have over 3 months now and I do not regret her big sister, I even prefer this little pedal to the plexi. The sound is clear and is more precise.
The sound is still typed is not going anywhere but to rock - hard rock pedal that works wonders and when I pair with my OD I want to push her more.
I would do this choice without hesitation.

Hot rod Plexi in a box! (Radial Engineering - Bones London)

By Audiochains, 24/04/2012
The Bones London dual distortion is a pedal modeled after a British half stack that has plenty of options: two independent channel volumes, a drive knob, low and high eq knobs and two 3 position switches to control upper and lower mids. There are also two footswitches, bypass to turn the pedal on and off and toggle to select between the two “channels”. Bright leds to indicate which “channel” is on. It is said to be true bypass.


The pedal does come with a manual that’s easy to read and understand how to dial the tones in. The use couldn’t really be easier: just select the amount of drive you wish and eq it with the Kick and Bite switches to your liking, fine tune it with the high and low knobs, then set one volume for your rhythm and the other for your lead and let it rip! The second drive is rich with mids and will jump out with ease.


I use this pedal to drive the front of a clean Marshall plexi type of amp (a Dutch 70’s clone by the name of London City). In bypass my sound is exactly as the amp sounds clean. When turned on it’s pure tonal bliss! I use the first drive as my rhythm and the second for leads. The Bones can be dialed very close if not exactly to sound like a hot-rodded Plexi or JCM (Brown sound anyone?!). Switching to drive 2 results in increased mids with the drive still in tact, so the leads will jump out nicely. The pedal pulls through quite well even in the upper register of my guitar, it doesn’t “sag” like many distortion pedals do when you play around the 12th-14th fret. The only minor flaw is that the mids in drive 2 can’t be tweaked by the user.


I was looking for a pedal to solve my problem with solo boost and found the Radial Bones London for sale at the musicians’ forum I frequent here. The main thing that sold me was the two independent channel volumes. I thought to myself that I’d give it a go, use it as a booster to drive my amp over the edge to the eighties hard rock sound and use the other volume as my lead tone. Well, it sure delivered! The Bones has plenty of gain / distortion to do that and more. Now I basically have a three channel amp: 1 bypass - 2 drive 1 - 3 drive 2. No need to mod my amp anymore, I just plug in the Bones and I'm set!

Radial Engineering have come up with an awesome pedal here, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who’s looking for that British hot-rodded tone in a compact and affordable format.

pic&pulse's review (Radial Engineering - Bones Hollywood)

By pic&pulse, 06/02/2012
Disto "both" typical west-coast transistor. An on-off switch (buffered bypass), a channel selector, one volume per channel then, common to both channels: knobs for bass, treble and gain, a three position switch to boost low-medium and a switch of scale 3-position gain.
It lacks a gain control per channel to be almost perfect.
Manufacture very neat. It is pleasing to the eye and use thanks to the materials that exude quality.


The configuration is less simple than it seems because there is a greater interaction between the different settings. The EQ is very sensitive and must be fully retouched when triturated switch to low-medium.
Both channels offer two different colors: Channel 2 is a tad warmer and more loaded (bottom) medium.
The bypass is totally transparent.
Switch the gain level is very convenient: it allows a very precise. You can also move from one level to an OD High Gain level without touching the gain knob.


This is a distortion to high-end fine-tuning. The broad gain range makes it very versatile. The sound is always clean, never do will turn into fuzz. ON can even use it to twist into overdrive channel of an amplifier saturated by reworking the EQ.
Initially, I purchased it to add a different color channel sound to my Marshall JCM600 in sound typical of the brand. The mixture produced a sound quite similar to Soldano. Perfectly suited to play the Toto, for example. Given the formidable EQ, you can choose between its end or fat, or huge, bold, sharp, smooth ... Since we want anything, always with a nice grain.
Good responsiveness to gambling and volume knob. The sound of the guitar is well respected.
Connected to various tube or transistor amplifiers (also on a Line6), various quality, I always found a satisfactory adjustment.


The pedal is no longer in my main set since I have changed my amp (Laboga Cayman) because their sound is very very close to each other. It has therefore been replaced by a "London" in the same series, so I added a channel Marshallian.
I take when I go play on another amp or recording outside sometimes. 2mn settings and I'm never disappointed with the result.
In use, a gain adjustment for each channel would be a more sacred.
More expensive than the Boss, of course, but the quality is a step up so the price is justified (but Boss, it's nice, eh ....).
I therefore valid.

News Radial Engineering Bones

New Radial Tonebone Pedals

Published on 01/14/09
Radial Engineering announced the launch of four new Tonebone pedals, the London, the Hollywood, the Texas, and the Twin-City.