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Recorders/Whistles/Tin Whistles
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User reviews on Recorder/Whistle/Tin Whistle products

moosers's review (Yamaha - YRS-23)

By moosers, 12/07/2010
The Yamaha YRS-23 is a student level recorder. It’s been a little while since I picked up the recorder, but every so often I’ll mess around with it. In grade school everyone had the learn the recorder and we were given a YRS-23 to use, so everyone in the school had one of these. It’s a really basic recorder, definitely designed for students and learning purposes. It’s made out of plastic rather than wood, giving it a slightly different type of sound than you’d hear on a wood recorder. It’s definitely a bright sounding instrument, as most recorders are, but the YRS-23 is especially bright. I’m definitely not a recorder connoisseur, as I’ve only played a handful of them in my day, but the YRS-23 seems to be the easiest one to play that I’ve tried. It comes in a little pouch as well, making it easy for students to bring home and back to school without it getting dirty or breaking. I don’t know that the Yamaha YRS-23 is suitable for anyone other than a student trying to learn the recorder, but I would think that it’s probably not. These are very cheap instruments, making it easy enough for a whole classroom to get one. The recorder is the type of instrument in general that is good to get kids started with, but it doesn’t seem to have too much musical worth in a modern context. Yamaha is the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer, so they can make it possible to offer these instruments to schools at a very low rate. I doubt that too many of you are young kids, but perhaps if you’re a music teacher you’d want to check this out to see if it would be useful in a school setting. This instrument is definitely a good stepping stone for kids interested in music to get started with…

The whole family for a good quality / price ratio (Moeck - Flûtes à bec Rondo)

By Al1_24, 17/10/2013
I aheté my first soprano Moeck Rondo there more than thirty years.
Since then, over the years, my family has been enriched: alto, sopranino, tenor ... I stopped there even though the range extends to the bass.
Manufacturing quality instruments is constant over the period (20 years) where I bought, even if the form has subtly changed.
The quality of the cases has improved. The flimsy plastic was abandoned in favor of more and better finished sturdy cardboard which has the advantage of letting the breath instrument. They come with a swab and a small reserve of cork grease.
It is mid-range instruments: instruments or beginners or professional instruments in rare and expensive wood. The maple used for the entire range provides a clear and balanced sound. Over time, it takes a warmer and if intruder has been well maintained (properly dried, oiled regularly), the sound is also warmer, richer in harmonics.
None of my instruments has warped or cracked over the years. I just had to redo corks on older.
Before these, I had flutes pear, a much softer wood therefore producing less rich, more muffled and whose bevel more fragile waned with time.

What I appreciate the most is the homogeneity of the family to mount balanced sets.
While the larger models are expensive, these instruments enjoy copyright an excellent quality / price ratio.
This is also one of the arguments I put forward, in addition to the musicality when you consult me ​​on the choice of instrument (family, friends).

A very good study instrument see. (Mollenhauer - Denner ténor baroque double trou)

By Mikka Grytviken, 10/04/2014
Used since 2011 without any particular problems so far.
I took it without a key which makes access to the grave do a bit difficult but it's still playable with a little practice. I wanted to stay in the traditional, I am served. I have a soprano from another brand and a viola which is a step that I recommend before going on a Tenor. Very good value for my report, I took advantage of a balance. For the study is very well as far as the sound is nice and flute responds very well at its partial. One can consider a more professional use, the sound extends well flexible while going well in the spectrum and range line with expectations. I think with a proper and careful use maintains the instrument should take long.