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In the studio with George Massenburg: In the Control Room, Part 3

Masterclass with George Massenburg on different topics related to music production

"Coloring the sound? That's bullshit"! ...according to George Massenburg, one of the best regarded sound engineers in the world. And he has plenty more to say, as you can learn in the sixth and final part of the studio report we dedicated to George Massenburg.

In an era where people want us to believe that vintage is the future of audio in the name of "warmth," these words will certainly surprise most of you and break many marketing strategies. But it's difficult not to be seduced by the rightful and simple words of this man who invented the parametric EQ forty years ago.

In this last video, George shares with us the details of the audio chain he uses and the gear he conceived. He also talks about converters, the crucial role of the time clock and the advantages of mixing with a real mixing console instead of a computer mouse.

Many things to discuss and reflect upon before going back to your own production.