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[Getting started] What to expect from this new series? - forum Recording & Mixing

What to expect from this new series?
Once the mastering series is finished and now that the mixing guide is (finally!) arriving the end, it's only natural that Audiofanzine asked me to extend this tale told backwards with a new series dedicated to recording.

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Well Nantho ....... I know I love your very well explained articles which are easy to understand and while I don't fit the category I can't wait.......

Let me the one ( not the first) to thank you for all the wise lessons and enormous amount of information you threw at us each week.

I can't wait to relax and read your next serie
And hope you will continue in the future..

- Angelie
Thanks for the new serie of mixing/recording. Looking forward to the next episode!
Well, I would like to thank you too, those articles exist because of readers and you can't imagine how grateful I am :)
I'm a sound recording engineer. I also thank you for your articles and insights.
It doesn't matter how much one knows or has done, there is always plenty more to
Thank you.
Stop it, you're gonna make me blush :oops:


Thank you guys, it's really nice to know that my work is useful ;)
Thanks again see you next episode!
Thanks from me too, in advance. I've read some of your previous work and just starting my re-education. (a recording engineer in the analog '70's) Now I can start at the start and take it all in forward time. I really appreciate the depth of your technical knowledge and practical experience. I can focus on the message, without having to verify the technical details.

Here we go!

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