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[Getting started] The gear to use - forum Recording & Mixing

The gear to use
As I told you in the previous installment, this new series dedicated to recording is aimed at the average computer musician. Consequently, it would be incongruent to make the sample clips that accompany some of the articles in a "pro" environment, in other words in a studio with impeccable acoustics, an array of top-of-the-line microphones and expensive outboard gear to go with them.

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Thanks for this series. I'm looking forward to it as it continues. I'm also impressed with how you're taking steps in your own space to place all of us on equal footing. Keep it up and take care.
Thanks my friend :)
Thanks again for this "episode"!
You're welcome :bravo:
Well well I think this can be very interesting.
It is nice to see and read what people are using :-D

Oh and don't worry about the carpet lol
I know I know just kidding
I can't wait to see where this article is going to.

- Angelie

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