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[Getting started] Automating the star of your mix - forum Recording & Mixing

Automating the star of your mix
Today we'll see how to automate the most important track of your mix. This is usually the vocal track, but it might as well be a solo instrument. The true star of your song deserves special attention when it comes to automation. After all, everything else is meant to showcase it. Do note that to make both writing and reading easier I will call this star instrument "Alpha" in the following paragraphs.

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So how would you recommend automating the lead vocal in connection with the compressor placement? It seems any automation of the vocal volume would send a louder signal to the compressor and thus changing the way the compressor handles the signal.

Also, is there a "recommended amount" to increase the volume of the lead vocal?

Thanks for an interesting series.
Hi Wally, and happy new year !

There will be no problem with the automation of the vocal volume regarding compressor as long as you're automating the volume fader of your track which is post insert effect in most DAWs.

As for the recommended amount, I'm afraid there is no answer to that question. The only guideline should be that every words has to be clearly understandable.
Solid advice there. Some of the initial work can be done with rider type plugin such as Waves produces but it's always nice to touch that up with real human input later on.

I would add that using some clip automation and probably save a lot of the manual fader riding too.

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