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Comments about the feature article: Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction - forum Recording & Mixing

Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction
The critics are right: pitch correction can suck all the life out of vocals. I proved this to myself accidentally when working on some background vocals.

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Great article. I'm definitely interested in adding/editing/polishing vibratos, in particular. I noticed the writer drew in vibrato edits through sonar, but I'm not sure this is possible on Melodyne (aside from editing pitch modulation like in this video?)

Am I mistaken? Anyone know how to add/edit/polish vibratos through Melodyne without 'minimizing' them? (i.e. fixing the symmetry in the waveforms instead of decreasing the amplitude?)

I like how you addressed the point to the severity of which pitch correction/autotune is processed. I think that's where programs such as Antares have really done well, in allowing users to easily use the pencil tool to manually draw the level of correction. At least this is the case in the studio. With live autotune pedals being limited to the autotune sound they can produce.
I understand that Antares even managed to team up with Art to create the ART Autotune Pre, which is mentioned and reviewed in this article I came across...
Sustain Punch AutoTune Pedal Comparison
It's probably the closest processor to having studio antares in a live performance setting. Giving you three settings to address the level of autotune that is applied to the lead vocal.

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