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Alan Parsons Talks Recording
Alan Parsons' career is as impressive as it is long. He got his start as an assistant engineer at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London...

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Alan Parsons almost seems like a regular guy, with dog barking and sprinkler problems and everything. Almost as if the only tiny difference between me and him is that he's worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd :(((:(((:(((
he seems pretty full of himself...
he seems pretty full of himself...

I didn't get that feeling at all when interviewing him. He was friendly, down to earth and seemed to really enjoy talking about music and recording. Anybody who's had as long and successful a career as Parsons is rightfully going to be confident in their abilities, but he didn't seem at all arrogant to me.
Engineer of the best engineered record of all time: Dark Side of the Moon.

Year of the Cat was pretty good, too.

The master, Alan Parsons.

Rock on!

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