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[Getting started] The EQing Primer - forum Recording & Mixing

The EQing Primer
Today we'll begin to address equalization. But be warned: We'll linger here quite a bit, considering that the EQ is the ultimate mixing tool.

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I'm a musician who's been getting into mixing in the last couple of months, as I like a polished sound for my songs but didn't know how to do it myself.

I'm particularly working on EQing vocals that I'm adding to an already mixed track. Perhaps it's common knowledge to everyone, but thanks for the tip on EQing in context as well as how to pursue EQ. Sometimes I feel like I'm pressing buttons without knowing what my plan is :???:
Well, do you remember when you first start playing music ? Did you "master" your instrument at first sight ? I bet you didn't, it's the same story here and that's ok man, don't feel bad about it ;)

As the song says, "everybody's got to learn sometime" :8)

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