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User Review

Complex but awesome - Reviews Alesis QuadraVerb II

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
In my setup, I use both the QV2 and a Lexicon MPX1 and even in that situation, the Quadraverb 2 doesn't disappoint. The reverb is sufficiently lush and soft, although indeed a bit metallic at times, if you feed it sharp sounds (like digital synths). It is however not at all sounding cheap and I've previously owned cheap Alesis and Lexicon reverbs to compare it with. The other effects are very suitable for the synthesizer music I make.

That said, editing is rather difficult to edit, with up to 8 processing steps that all have their own parameter.

Current prices however, are insane. I've bought mine many years back for EUR 50,- and currently they go for anything between 300 and 900 US dollars. They're definitely not worth that kind of money, better go for a Lexicon MPX1 (or Lexicon PCM90, Eventide Space or Strymon BigSky if you're only after reverbs) instead.