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User Review

jazzid's review - Vermona RETROVERB

Value For Money : Correct
Spring Reverb stereo that integrates vca, vcf, envelope generator and eq2 bands
2 input jack, two jack outputs
resume to the pedal control, gate etc.
Button for a crash of thunder strokes it avoids putting a shot in the foot to reproduce this effect.
9v power supply transformer


Using a very simple input gain an output
control reverb depth, approx generator very useful for reverb shorten the duration


Then the c's that I want to say that the reverb level color is unlike nickel has different opinions, I have more reverb with a akg bx 20e, an akg bx 5, a Roland SRE 555, brief as the spring in the sound and Believe me I test without being reverb sound engineer, the Vermona is ideal for the dub is what I chercais for a long time and I'm not disappointed, great price level already not breathing, Ideally, the booster with a back to eq the treble eq true because c is no more, and you get a drop of the famous spring water has the king tubby, the snare or rim shot or scratch what whoua fishing, I even went further I also added a 18db filter behind it, and even more crazy, it is true that after I made more style then dub c for a personal opinion Other funky organ or go in as it sounds.


Reverb well adapted to any style (experimental)
has to have these effects take little space, and very beautiful with it's wooden side,
value for the right price