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User Review

Furt's review - Beyerdynamic M 160 N

Nice little double ribbon microphone hyper cardioid directivity and when in gnral, the microphones of this type are bidirectional.
The principle is the same as the moving coil microphones, as the winding replaced here by a thin aluminum tape that plays, in fact, the rle of membrane.

The tension is dlivre infrieure that of a dynamic microphone. That is why the M160 produces extremely low output level:-1mV/PA = 60dbv; as well say quil Lattella be able to produce a prampli lot of gain.
If the ribbon, thanks its low mass, gives a good rponse transient, it is fragile and trs rsiste not the wind.


Ribbon mics back in fashion as the musicians begin to tire numriques sounds too dry and looking more and more find the vintage sound of the years 60-70.

The M160 provides a natural sound, not aggressive at all but a dot particulire personality: you love it or hate it.
I like it on pianos, wind instruments (especially the saxophone) or strings.
It should be used in proximity and take great care as it is quite fragile.

Warning! Power fantme forbidden on pain of the burn.
Its linear curve from 50 to 15000Hz stepfather may do so dull, but the warm sound that easily catches DGIG this gap.
We can pair it with his cousin M130 (figure 8) of the same mark to the stro in MS, provided that the circuit possder matriage ncessaire.
It is a micro possder absolutely in his collection.