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User Review

Bernard Ancèze's review - Beyerdynamic M 500 N

Hyper-cardioid ribbon
18000Hz 40!
sensitivity: 1.2 mV / Pa!
200 ohms!

It is a micro phnomnal. For the micro tape rponse is amazingly tight. A single ribbon of 0.00034 grams of pure aluminum is super lightweight and super rsistant transients rpondent of Manir unexpected. It's high standards. Thus the curve is stretched rponse 40-18000Hz. Still further, one can take this micro hand and the prs lvres no problem to pop or other noise mcaniques. Designed to t he a. The cash normment, 130dB! He has not the fragility of conventional tapes.


The sound is sweet and Retailer of hand RCA 77 and others that seem dark ct.
This is not the same Aesthetics. It is more versatile, voice, electric guitar, sax and percussion. It is a hyper-cardio and as such does not affect Submitted by proximity. Sound like an M260 plutt of the same brand with over dtails, air and level. Personally, although the sound of the M260 is attaching trs I prfre the M500. It's easier every way, taking as the mix. Once we keep the master tape with her sweet just enough to prsence more. Another advantage, he hyper-immune and cardio the proximity. free of a problem rsonance of the room. And above all it is used on scne. Much less fragile than a normal tape and cons related feedback. Without be certain, I think he had to be Designed for a. It is not necessary to Galise anything. As with the M260, keep the sound as it is. This is a micro intrt lgance with typ.