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User Review

Multi Purpose - Reviews Beyerdynamic M 160

The Beyer Dynamic M 160 is a hypercardioid ribbon microphone. It has a double ribbon transducer that makes it a versatile microphone to use on a number of instruments as well as vocals. We have used this microphone as an overhead drum mic, it was one of the best drum microphones that we had at the time which was about 4 years ago. Depending on how far you put this microphone away from your drum or guitar will determine the sound that it captures. It may take some playing around with it, we had to do it at a few different distances from the acoustic guitarist before we got a sound we where happy with.


The Beyer Dynamic M 160 comes with a small case to carry it in and a microhpone clip. The M 160 seems to be pretty fragile though, I wouldn’t take my chances with dropping it. I do wish it came with a hard case to protect it more when we have other gear around it when moving it from place to place.

The M 160 only cost us around 500 dollars at the time when we bought it and we compared it to microphones that we have used that cost well over 1000 dollars. Though we never really used it for vocals, we kept it on the instruments side because we felt like that’s what it was best at. It really brought out the true sound of our instruments no matter how punchy they where or how high or low the frequencies where. The Beyer dynamic M 160 opened up and made everything sound huge. Keep this microphone about 6 inches away from your guitar and watch how amazing it sounds. It actually sounded exactly the same as it really did once we recorded it. There was no EQ needed or any extra processing for that matter.