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User Review

Designed but not Reconu - Reviews Beyerdynamic M 160

Double Ribbon, see Doc


I had the opportunity to use it on an album Overhead, transplanted and transplanted guitar amp acoustic guitar (doubled with a 451).

This is the first time I used the tape, and certainly not the last. Of transients just sublime overhead in soft, not aggressive (compared to the SM81, E614, NT5).
On the acoustic guitar, he brings a round, mellow warmth, very pleasant to the ear but need to double (here with 451) which provides accuracy and detail. The duo has been compared to a 414 and an SM81 deemed too flat and aggressive (by comparison, and not either). It was also interesting to note that the 160 does not getting married at all well with the SM81 and 414.

Here is a micro of a very high quality, which earn to be known (in southern home, especially). The ribbon makes a beautiful color that has shaken the ear, when the latter is used in the static, even upscale.

A comparison with Royer, eg