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User Review

Oktava ML 52-2 Ribbon Microphone - Reviews Oktava ML 52-2

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Took a chance on the ML52-2 Ribbon and in a word, "Psyched". I mostly record acoustic and electric guitars in combination with my Neumann and AKG C414's. I set the Oktava quite a distance from the acoustic and behind the Condensers to capture more room (sound treated). I was super impressed, I put it up against the Royer and the Oktave out shined it at 1/5th the price. Mine came with the Lundahl 2911 transformer,recommended, also I use a quality Mic Pre, which is a must. The stock mic clip is junk so I ordered the Oktava Elastic mount (47$ shipped). This is a killer ribbon, warm, articulate and fast, really brings out the bass in a good way, it does need careful placement and is a bit delicate. Handle with care. But it is wonderful sounding and looks cool as well. I am very happy with it and I have a lot of mics of the high end type, what a value, so get one, get the Lundahl tran and the shock mount and you be happy,,for reals...