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User Review

prprprpr's review - Sontronics SIGMA

Value For Money : Excellent
Versatile ribbon mic (directivity figure-of-8) which takes 48V phantom (very unusual because usually 48V power will blow the ribbon). The output level is higher that normal which means you do not need a preamp with a heap of mad gain to get the best out of it.<div>
</div><div>Top quality Chinese manufacture (of which the future will see) and a unique shockmount is included.</div>


Ribbon mics have a character that may or may not suit the sound you're hoping for. What strikes you most is the nature of restitution. It really is a companion of choice for all its smoothness.
Value for money is excellent (thank you China)

I would make the same choice again (and quickly) in order to have a pair of them!...