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RME Audio

RME Audio
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RME Audio is the 38th most viewed brand on AF

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Reviews RME Audio

RME Fireface UCX Mini-Review

An RME On My iPad On the first day of winter NAMM RME launched its new audio interface: the Fireface UCX — RME UFX's little brother. The Fireface UCX includes iPad support. Here is a snapshot review of the Fireface UCX. read more…

RME Babyface Review

USBaby Most manufacturers have been adding compact audio interfaces to their product range for several years, and now is time for RME and its Babyface. Many mobile musicians and sound engineers have been eagerly waiting for this new USB2 compatible interface... read more…

RME FireFace UFX Review

Weapon of Massive Recording Six years after the FireFace 800, RME hits the external audio interface market again with a new flagship product: the FireFace UFX, which doesn't really replace its big brother — it outright and blatantly outclasses it. Focus on what could be the ultimate interface. read more…

User reviews on RME Audio products

NO LATENCY for Virtual Keys....period! (Babyface Pro)

By Chuck_Cohen, 28/09/2019
I got this interface because it is known for being the small form-factor "top-dog" for live virtual keys, and I was not disappointed. This unit is the lowest-latency USB-based unit I know of. It is well built, clean, transparent, rock solid and stable due to great drivers, and easy to use. The added bonus for me was the TotalMix FX mixer-client that allows me to adjust and EQ individual channels via the unit's onboard internal DSP. It does not have a lot of input and output jacks (2+2), but it doesn't necessarily need them. I bought it specifically for live performance use with my keyboard controllers, laptop, virtual keyboard plug-ins, and the Cantabile 3 host software.

Excellent map (HDSPe RayDAT)

By Procman, 23/11/2014
No analog / digital this. So no opinion on the quality of the converters. The key is that this card when inserted dan PCIe port the computer is forgotten. Never a crash, never a bug, drivers are made regularly by RME days. A routing (Cubase 5-7) perfect (Any input goes to any output).
With a 16in card / 16OUT on a Yamaha 01V I was wired 24-track 48 / 24bit. Well above my needs. I used little SP / Dif (suffisemment ADAT) but it worked perfectly. No stalling, no click ... well ... this card is the ultimate in digital communication. Only small bémo not possible to add Analog inputs (like a Jack module 8 inputs). Just add a card, for example 9652 or AIO

News RME Audio

[Musikmesse][VIDEO] RME Babyface Pro

Published on 04/15/15
Our team was among the first at the RME Audio booth at Musikmesse 2015 to discover the new Babyface Pro USB audio interface.

RME released its MADI Router

Published on 03/29/14

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RME Fireface 800

$975.95 Reverb classified ad

RME Fireface 800

$975.95 Reverb classified ad