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Roland JD

Roland PN-JD80-08

User reviews on Roland JD products

an essential Roland! (Roland - JD-990 SuperJD)

By manachild, 11/09/2014
Technical data sheet. Possibility of expansion cards.


The sound editing is straightforward but in internal sounds on the maps are not readily available. It takes time to be remembered in the road. But that is the case!


Sounds basic but sound good with vintage c is just huge map. We leave very voluptuous layers present, the bass sounds suffer from a lack of velocity but there are sounds mc 202 and other mythical Roland synths.


For six months, I was taken aback at first, but in use, this rack offers huge opportunities. I advise a lot but you have to find at an affordable price ...

Mythical (Roland - JD-800)

By funkysteff, 20/04/2014
Roland JD 800
64 internal sounds (editable) 64 + sound card optional ram
108 samples


Machine can not be more direct, pedagogical, didactic for programming (in the philosophy of the time)
Everything is easy to program for all orders, all the parameters are physical, facade, and the values ​​shown on the digital display in real time.
The edition is fast, then you can create sounds hair that one would want to hear ... It's the highlight of the bike.
The effect block is of high quality audio today it seems.


Sounds good then:
This is an engine output 91 so she brings in her about everything that has better (and agreed) as synth sounds of the 80s. Must not ask him to make realistic acoustic instrument sounds is not his thing! This is a synth that is done to make synth sounds! This is where he can succeed at the game today!

Top sounds, yet currently remains the evolutionary layers (though less complex than on a Korg Wavestation), some powerful bass sounds, lead and some nice sound pop / rock of the 80s ... with great sound quality! Superb quality filters ..
Where it is very limited this is the number of core samples present in the bike (108) that when hundreds and hundreds of sound banks were surveyed, it always ends up finding the same types of sounds grains or sounds. There are more little surprising or original, must program a patch is finely made in the cocktail samples selected departures (of which there are 4 possible maximum for a patch) to try to hope make a sound that surprises ... Besides Palette feature is very interesting for "mixer" in real time on each sample in the same patch: in terms of volume but also in terms of cutoff, reso ...

The quality of the keyboard except that age well but once again is very comfortable from the point of view of the relationship between touch / load / velocity. The weak point is that we have need of incredible strength (several hundred Newton! Quasi body weight) to use the aftertouch, once it managed the expressive qualities are obvious.


For the time it was the best! Even now I'm a fan of his grain sound. In lots of productions of the time (90) could easily be recognized by saying "Waaah the monstrous synth sound ..."

In Prince album "Love Symbol" at 92 pieces My name is Prince and The Max, the water from the beginning he is the preset "Iceman". In the album "Gold experience" (95) the water that serves as a transition piece between the Endorphine machine Shhh he is, the "Abyss" patch ..

In the very first album Deep Forest, the first piece opens on a tablecloth is still him preset "Swimotion"
In the album Herbie Hancock "Dis is da Drum", the bass sound of the song Mojuba,'m pretty sure it's him ..

The same sound is also used on albums by George Duke "Snapshot" (93) and Love Is Enough "(96) etc ....

Favorite keyboard in the 90 JM Jarre, Tony Banks (Genesis), Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest), etc ...
It has often been used coupled to Korg Wavestation (the other "Pads machine" in the same time) ...

King of the tablecloth and sounds grainy (Roland - JD-800)

By minouagrifffe, 15/08/2012
lots of buttons, enough things to do sons.machine exceptional, very beautiful line, stunning effects (for age), synthetic motor filter very basic but aging typé.machine mal.fragilité contacts and keyboard cursors.


it can just faire.un must for tablecloths evolutives.enveloppes very very sophistiquées.une Machine intuitive.merci buttons Facade


and yes it's pretty froid.mais this is offset by a beautiful grain, very fit does not pale in comparison to an Oberheim, I am the same effect, it makes me want to pummel him his buttons . the filter provides a very character trempé.certe synthesis does not do things delirious, it's playing sample, but the internal waveforms are from famous synthesizers, Oberheim andc.A machine has a block ame.le effect is very beautiful finesse.tres more Just listen to the demo internally to get an idea of ​​the potential be programmed to do pretty the most powerful synth put 10 for the note because it is one of my synths sound like I like preferé


a machine is very posseder.elle so I wanted to say: it is very very beautiful.

An expander exceptional (Roland - JD-990 SuperJD)

By mmarkus, 25/12/2011
sound module, sound close to the JD 800 with more waves PCM
no keyboard, two main outputs + auxiliary Midi in out thru
embeds enough Intgr effects reverb, modulation and more.
24 voice polyphony (limit for large set-up MIDI and performance)
controllers and sounds ditable
256 sounds, presets A and B, internal and Map
Ralistes few sounds but with a quality 1992
the best is in the ground multi-layer spiral, bells, Fx,
couraging it sounds vintage quality particulirement with the SR-JV cards ddi


excellent manual also franais but trs large
Using relatively easy with a large screen logic
and use of lists by pressing the scroll button main
Edition easy, dtails per module, or with a view of four layers complte
4 layers architecture.
The difficulty is a little utility menu that has a few main functions and the introduction particulirement sounds of the SR-JV cards must be appealed only by the menu, then copy it to a menu Temporary finally be transmitted to the card or internal, as the presets can be chang.
Systm amlior on the JV-1080 and 2080, but not forcment sounds.


Excellent and easy to search for new sounds, not so raliste,
not really for brass or sax
guitars that there are dpend fusion INTERESTED.
PCM is the basic line of the D-50 amlior.
We make some great vintage sounds of Fast Fashion, leads, FX or pads that have a fantastic grain particulirement warm and Russian, with lots of CONTRL can even pressure on the keyboard. Excellent expression of all types and settings.
A lot of programmed sounds by Eric Persing (Spectrasonics) while Roland, super sounds and music, I feel like we lost Roland excellent programmer, nothing new today.


The JD 990, I use it for 15 years, I love it and I keep it, he has a personality and a single grain that Roland would not try. not a JV, it has a more powerful sound is a synthesis of the family JD.
Excellent choice I do it again.
The module is quite heavy, 2 Rack Unit I suggest you leave it in your studio. (Heavier that the Roland modules plupars Next)
I used full of synth Roland Jupiter and Juno are the best in analog, and also the D 50 I think it replaces and is much more.
If you find one, buy it, despite the ergonomics is a bit rough on some points.