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Distortion pedal with the old factory which is better. (Hellbender)

By Pucelle_Dabidjan, 03/05/2010
The pedal comes in a small cardboard box with the color of the British flag. Ds opening, there is scotch by the simplicity and the absence of further packaging. Apparently, the manufacturer has complete confidence in the stability of its product. It is true that I can not imagine, something that can only would it shoved the cube of polished steel. The walls are of great thickness, ensuring optimal protection of the interior. Who quick glance jet seems to me, too, very well made. No printed circuit no CPU. Led Zeppelin OHSA grssen!

No manual if it is a small letter of thanks that explains quickly the only three rglages. Found between one and a 9v battery compartment, a ncessitant dvissage tedious.


Yes. There is a pedal to the "old". We have three rglages, which strongly Intrag them and can produce a multitude of sounds.

As stated above, we must disassemble the rear of boti your checks the battery, and has him score points here.

The bypass is effective, I also blame a switch a little hard when the pedal is new.


In fact, it can be used several Manir. Either you can use it as solo boost (which I did) when amp has a `british or you can use it as a" true "distortion pedal if you amp has a` FENLAIR. For on an amp FENLAIR the old Fidler Marshmal plexi is striking. We find all the advantages of this architecture and default, and it was very difficult to say that this is not a Marshmal roaring this way.

Vaux on, or in my case, a superdrive in Bda EL84. I can counter that one can ct sparkling amp and add precision in my solos without his spot over the sound of my amp. I like!

On a Marshmall, it can be used as a simple boost.

Branch canal FENLAIR a Tech21 trademark30, I can get one of espce clne, a little more clear and sweet, my British channel. This allows me, in need, to have a backup voic DIFFERENT hand.


What can I say? I use it for over a year and am very trssduit by this pedal. I note that the service excellence silent before sale (free shipping in my case, pleasant touch, and patience in comptence The answer to the questions). slice with a totally VHacheAime Paris.

I recommend this purchase if you want a good pedal to accompany you.

I never specific on that empty to give his opinion on a distortion pedal because it is in regard to the sound in pure subjectivity. I loved it.