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User Review

A great sampler worth owning!! - Reviews Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
The Boss sp 202 is an amazing sounding sampler both in Hifi, standard and Lo-fi mode, Lo-fi 2 isn't for me though as its too overkill. A sampler shouldn't always be judged by the sample rates, this sampler can do both clean(Hi-fi) and dirty very well. I know as I've owned many samplers that the dynamics and the filters are quality.

I like to pair up this machine with a tape deck and sample sample mostly in standard (standard starts to get pretty lofi sounding). Otherwise I might record a drum beat and melody from my 202 into my 303 then loop it and play the loops in the 303 sequencer then track it to tape or DAW. The lack of a sequencer makes this sampler difficult for a lot of people but I use it to give character to my hip hop beats. As for the sample time I just pitch everything up on my stanton st150 (50% pitch max) which is huge before sampling. The 202 can only pitch down so much. I might even sample straight from a tape decks line outs. The lack of individual pitching (Pitching every pad individually) was a handy cap but theres ways of getting round that by bouncing things back and forth from 202 to 303( or any good sampler or DAW) and back to 202.

I recommend this machine to lovers of Lo-fi though I would just as easily recommend a Roland Sp 404 as it can do Lo-fi just as well but different with its Lo-fi mode, bit crusher, tape compression and vinyl sim. I mainly bought this because I found an extremely cheap deal (50€). Just a 404 and tape deck, turntable, sound card is all you really need which is my honest and humble opinion.

Peace and love