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Samsung competes with Apple on the audio/MIDI

Samsung released a Pro Audio SDK as well as a home-made DAW app to inspire developers on new Android apps.

Samsung decided to react on one of the most important Android OS lack and wants to raise the bar to Apple’s iOS which, we know, if way ahead with its thousands of audio and MIDI apps.

The Pro Audio SDK 2.0 adds Samsung Android devices low-latency audio and MIDI functionality (one on the major weakness in the Android system) as well as audio/MIDI connections between music apps (like the Apple inter-app audio) without any latency, according to Samsung.

Developers will get an API to create instruments, with JACK audio connexion kit support as well as an acoustic piano, a guitar steel and a drum kit, USB Audio and audio input support.

To help developers get started, Samnsung developed Soundcamp, a DAW app that show the capacities of this new Pro Audio SDK 2.0. Soundcamp can be included in third-party music apps with support of up to 8 tracks.

Visit for more information about this much-awaited announcement.