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Marshall Saturation effects pedals

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So glad I held onto this pedal! (Shred Master)

By Blackstrat6, 05/07/2018
I bought this from a friend along with a Roland JC 120 a long time ago now, it was my first "bigger" amp and with this pedal I was in heaven. Not too long after I started making payments on my first Marshall halfstack, a 1st gen 8100 with an 8412 cabinet which had the same contour knob as the shredmaster, just more. I always kept this pedal around, it was great for a quick portable option or even used with headphones or a portable stereo. I regrettably parted with the JC 120 but I have turned down many offers on this pedal even though it saw very little use for a long time. I dug it out a while back and realized its amazing running into an all tube amp and have fallen for it again 25 years later. I had to clean up the pots and was able to rig up a battery door latch because I was sick of the ancient duct tape holding the battery cover (broken tab). It looks pretty good compared to others I have seen and it works great after a little love. I hope in another 25 years its still going strong!

I have been running this through a b52 st100a and my old marshall 8412 cabinet (head died but cab is going strong) and a 1984 carvin x100b head and 4x12 cabinet. The only other effect I use is a 1st version morley bad horsie vai pedal. Mostly I play an old esp explorer (ex-350) and an old Horizon which i'm pretty sure is a "19th street guitar" (its just like Page Hamilton's from Helmet but black) Both have floyds (horizon has the sinclaire) and I run EmG's in both. An 81/85 in the explorer and an 81 in the horizon, both with 18v mod. Gotta love some of that era's gear!

Well built with wonderfull distortion (JH-1 The Jackhammer)

By papaki72, 11/02/2019
I am using it to boost some distortion to my guitar on the Marshal Mustang II (v2) amplifier. It does it well! Strong and rich with many ways to shape it up to your taste. Limit the overdrive channel of your amp to a quarter and start cranking up the distortion up to where you like it. It can be smooth and just enough to give some taste of distortion to your clean tone, or loud with a hard bite to make your shredding as angry as ever.
I do not use much its overdrive as I am happy with what my amp gives on it.

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